Color Palette of the Week: Christmas Present

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It’s almost Christmas, and so I thought I would honor the Holidays with a few related photos and color palette.

My choice for this week is a simple close-up of a gorgeous red bow. The play of light and shade give the shiny ribbon a lot of interesting colors to play with, from pale and bright yellow to a deep red that’s almost purple. Let’s have a look.

I love this palette mostly because I love red, but also because there is definitely something festive about it. I like gold and red together, and the slightly neutral wrapping gives this palette excellent balance.

color palette christmas present

How can I use “Christmas Present”?

Plenty of ways! You can use it to inspire your Christmas decorations, or your dinner table ornaments. Definitely use red as a complementary color on a gold base; too much red might make your guests a bit antsy.

If this were to be used outside of the holidays, I would be careful about using too much red. Red can definitely be used well, but must always be balanced with calming colors such as green, blue or purple, or with plenty of neutrals. I could see this working in a kitchen or a living room. Always make sure the room with red has plenty of natural light to soften it up a bit.

Be wary of using this in a bedroom. Too much red will disturb your sleep. But using gold as a base will let you add little accents of red through your linen or accessories.

How do you like this Christmas Present Color palette?

Is this too monochromatic or do you enjoy red as much as I do? Would you dare use this in your home, and if so, in which room? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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