Color Palette of the Week: Cloudy Sunset

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Ah, the beach at sunset. What else is more romantic? Walking hand in hand as the sun meets its watery bed, looking on as the sky bursts with colors and then twinkles with a million stars.

Okay… maybe I’m getting a bit carried away here. Thanks for stopping me. However, this week’s color palette will definitely inspire a desire for a tropical getaway.

Cloudy sunset


Isn’t this gorgeous? I saw this photo and I was amazed by the variety and the subtlety of the colors. And this is how you get a varied pastel palette with a romantic touch, such as this one.

How can I use this “cloudy sunset”?

I think this palette is pretty flexible as far as rooms go. A feminine bedroom, a romantic living room, even a homey dining room; your imagination is the only limit. You could even decorate an entire beach house with just those colors, spread throughout the rooms. Even the darker purple/blue/grey has a romantic touch, don’t you think?

In general, I would definitely use one of the lighter shades–yellow or peach–for the walls. Then accent as necessary with the purples and blue, and contrast with the bottom shade for some definition. You can go accessory-crazy here; this palette is rather forgiving when it comes to mixing and matching the shades.

I see a lot of possibilities with this palette–how about you? Share your ideas with us!




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Anabelle Bernard Fournier

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