Color Palette of the Week: Cold As Ice

This week’s monochromatic blue color palette is taken from ice and the sea.


Further in my exploration of monochromatic palettes, I found this gorgeous photo of frozen sea water (it has to be COLD for that to happen). The mix of turquoise, teal, bright blue and deep marine blue instantly caught my attention.

Ice is never really transparent; it always takes the colors of whatever light and objects surrounds it. In this case, the colors of the ocean come through the ice in beautiful and unexpected ways.

color palette cold as ice

This subtle monochromatic palette is sure to satisfy the blue lovers among our readers. The palette develops from a light teal to a deep blue with just a tinge of grey. It will provide a relaxing, comfortable space.

How can you use “Cold As Ice”?

I can see a lot of possibilities with this palette, from a traditional bedroom to a relaxing living room, a farmhouse-style kitchen or bathrooms and powder rooms. Let’s have a look at a few ideas.

Contemporary Living Room by Quogue Architects & Building Designers Austin Patterson Disston Architects

This summer home living room uses a variety of blues close to our palette above. I love how the monochromatic palette highlights the different patterns on the floor, cushions and wall.

Here’s how you can do a kitchen well using some of the shades in this palette:

Contemporary Kitchen by Pismo Beach Architects & Building Designers Leonard Grant Architecture

While this one focuses on deep blue, you could easily add touches of the lighter colors for contrast and movement.

And here’s a relaxing, traditional bedroom in shades taken from this palette:

Beach Style Bedroom by Dallas Interior Designers & Decorators Kim Armstrong

White is certainly a theme with blue, and you can use it effectively with any of the colors in Cold As Ice.

Are you warming up to this palette?

The palette may be cold, but it might be a hot deal for you. What do you think? Would you use this palette in any of your spaces? Let us know in the comments!

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