Color Palette of the Week: Cold Sunrise

I come from a place of winter; in fact, we have a songwriter who once wrote: “My country, it isn’t a country, it’s winter.” I don’t live there anymore (and sometimes I wonder if the Pacific Northwest has completely ruined my ability to live anywhere else in Canada forever), but I sometimes still long for the bright, crisp sunny winter days just after a snowfall. There is something to say about the quiet silence of a post-snowstorm Québec morning.

This photo reminds me a bit of that.

Cold sunrise

These red shades on the icy snow can’t be seen in any other season. Trust me, it’s quite a sight when you see them for real.

How can I use”cold sunrise”?

Look at these gorgeous colors. This palette is colorful yet subdued, which lets you use the orange and purple together without worrying too much about it being too loud. And the barely-eggshell white provides a neutral canvas unto which you can paint your very own winter wonderland… without getting cold.

These shades would do very well in a variety of settings: a comfortable dining room, a welcoming bedroom, even an office or the living room. The balance between orange and purple is embedded in the palette, so you don’t need to think too much about balancing your amounts here.

If you prefer cold colors, go towards the purple; if you’re like me and like warmer color palettes, use the orange a little bit more. In the end, is this an unconventional yet extremely flexible palette that can be used successfully in a number of settings.

How would you use these wintry colors in your home? Inspire our community!

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