Color Palette of The Week: Contrasts

By virtue of my work, I spend most of my time alone, sitting at my computer. There is very little outside for me to see, except cars in the lot and the odd animal (there was a duck making noise just this morning) passing by. I’ve never been one for immobile contemplation; when I get off my chair, I need to move.

Which is why this photo struck me so much. There’s a story there, the story of an old man sitting and looking at something, or maybe nothing, with a single flower pot on his balcony.

The photo

Man on balcony contrasts

Photo by Jenny Downing on Flickr

This photo creates a fascinating frame for two pops of color: red and blue. The rest is neutral, understated. Our elders are jewels in a sea of sand: polished by time and adversity, they shine by their wisdom and knowledge. I wonder if this man has grandchildren whom he can guide.

The palette

Contrasts palette

This palette features two primary colors, a greyish white, black and tan. It’s actually a quite typical palette, especially for the patriotic. But there is no need to rely on the American (or British) flag for decoration with this palette. All you need is a little originality. Use the beige as an accent rather than a main color; keep the walls white so you can soften the red and blue accessories with beige furniture.

This could fit any kind of room: bedroom, kitchen, living room, even bathroom if you feel so inclined. It would be great for a child’s play room, too. These contrasts are very flexible, and you can adjust how much of each shade you use to suit your tastes.

Your impressions?

Is this palette too “red white and blue” or do you see other possibilities with it?

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