Color Palette of the Week: Cranberry Feast

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This week’s color palette is inspired by a Thanksgiving meal classic: cranberries. Here’s how to dress up your space using this bold color combination.


Do you ever wonder why we only eat cranberries on Thanksgiving? And sometimes Christmas?

I mean, these things aren’t especially good to eat. They’re very sour, not sweet at all, and we need to add a ton of sugar to them to make them palatable. Maybe it’s because they’re harvested in the fall? If someone knows the history of why we have cranberries on Thanksgiving, I’d really like to know!

In any case, as unpalatable as they are for eating on their own, they certainly look delicious–and beautiful. This week’s color palette comes from a bowl of fresh cranberries.

cranberry color palette


This monochromatic, rich pink and red palette is a great set of colors for any room that needs a little feminine warmth. No overly girly thanks to the darker, almost leather-like shades, it’s still something that reminds us of mom’s delicious cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving.

Using “Cranberry Feast”

Cranberry feast is suitable for more active rooms because of the rich and deep reds. The pinks keep it feminine in style, and warm too. The darker shades add a bit of sophistication and maturity.

The living room would be my first choice for this color palette. You can find rich red leather in the darkest shade for your sofa (if leather sofas are your thing). If you do that, keep the rest of the room light and airy so that the sofa doesn’t weigh the room down. Add light fabrics, textures and patterns in the lighter shades, and you have a feminine yet sophisticated living room for your book club night.

Although red isn’t generally a good color for the bedroom, I could absolutely see a single woman’s bedroom using these shades. (Okay, maybe that’s just me projecting my own new-found singleness there. But whatever). These colors would make a rich, sexy and luxurious bedroom to welcome your new conquests… or simply read a good book in bed.

Yummy or blergh?

Cranberries aren’t for everyone. And neither is this color palette. Personally, I like it very much. I like its depth and its luxurious, sexy feel.

How about you? Where do you see this palette working in your home?

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