Color Palette of the Week: Crisp Apple

This week’s color palette is like biting in a fresh, crisp apple. Is it too tart, or as sweet as can be? Take a bite and see!


I come from a famous apple-producing region called Montérégie, in Québec. We are best known for our orchards of Macintosh, but we grow several other varieties. A typical fall outing with my family would be going apple picking at one of the hundreds of orchards within a 20-minute drive of my house. In the spring, the nearby town with orchards is always clogged with drivers who just want to admire the apple trees in bloom.

Around my town, you can find everything apple-related freshly made in the fall: apple juice, sparkly AND alcoholic apple cider, apple pie, apple fritters, apple crumble… anything you can do with apples, we do it.

But few things compare to biting into a fresh, crisp, acidic yet sweet apple right off the tree. And it’s this feeling I’m trying to convey, in color, with this week’s palette.

crisp apple color palette

Ah, yes, a delicious, fresh apple, coming in its yellows, greens and reds to tempt you. (But hopefully not put you in an eternal sleep. That would not be very nice.)

This palette has an exquisite balance of acidic yellow-green with a crisp orange-red and two deeper reds for balance with the bright and light colors above.

Don’t you want to just bite into it?

Using “Crisp Apple”

This palette is flexible and can adapt to most rooms of the house, including the bedroom.

Green is a great color for a bedroom because it’s known for its calming effect. These greens have a little pizzazz to them though, a touch of sunny yellow that keep them from being depressing (a potentially negative effect of green). Pair them with the peach and orange, and you have a bedroom that’s relaxing yet active–it won’t be too hard to wake up in the morning!

I can also see a beautiful dining room in these colors. Because they are so closely related to food, this is perfect palette to have around you while you dine. The peach is neutral enough to work as a base color, and you can then add art, linens and accessories according to your whims in the other colors. Some whimsical green drapes on the window and dark red upholstery on the chairs, maybe?

And of course, this palette is just as delicious in the kitchen. I love the range that this palette gives me for choices of backsplash tile, cupboard and countertop. Match painted wooden chairs and towels across the range of shades for a kitchen you won’t want to leave.

Bite right into it

I sure want to bite right into this color palette. It has a yummy feeling that will bring warmth and joy to any room.

Where and how would you use these colors? Share your ideas with us!

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