Color Palette Of the Week: Crocus Sprout

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I love colors.

I have a special fondness for red, but I love colors in general. I love how they change our moods and make rooms different. I love how colors express our personality, our emotions, our thoughts. I love to mix and match them, to play with them and to look at how they show up in nature. Nature has the most stunning and unexpected color palettes!

Every week, I will give you a color palette based on a photo I either took somewhere on one of my walks or found on the internet. You can use them as inspiration for your next room decor or even an art or craft project.

The photo

This week, we celebrate the end of winter with a beautiful Spring flower: the crocus.

Crocus flowers

I took this picture taking a walk on a rare Pacific Northwest sunny spring day. I loved how this random sprout of crocuses showed up among dead leaves and small vines growing on the ground. It was as unexpected as it was beautiful, and I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of it.

The palette

Crocus Sprout palette

This palette has two tones of purple with three neutrals as a base. You could also add the yellow from the pistils if you like, for extra pop!

This palette would work great for a guest bedroom or an understated living room. The purples are almost jewel-like, subtly enhanced by the neutrals. This palette is great for those who like just a touch of color or who enjoy the versatility of neutrals.

Using the three neutral shades as a base, you could easily change your decor by switching the purples for other bright shades. Jewel colors like blue and green would also work well.

Your impressions?

How do you like this palette? What decor ideas does it inspire?

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