Color Palette of the Week: Deserted

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When I saw this photo, I just couldn’t resist. The absolutely gorgeous color is perfect for a beautiful home decor palette.

When you live in a lush region of the world like the Pacific Northwest, it’s hard to imagine that the desert would be visually interesting. After all, isn’t a desert made of… nothing?

Not quite, as this photo shows.

The photo

desert road

Photo by Edward Musiak on Flickr.

The orange sand is a delight to the eye. Contrasted with the grey of the road, it’s hard to not find something beautiful about this landscape. If I was the one driving on the road, the beauty of these dunes would definitely distract me. No wonder this photographer had to stop and snap it.

The palette

The palette this photo produces is a neutral/warm that would work well in a guest bedroom or a living room. Notice how the fourth color has a slight pink tinge to it, making it a more interesting shade of grey. The bright orange pops enough that it would work well as a sole focus color; the greys would be there to help keep it in check and tone it down.

I think it would also work in a modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite counters. Use orange parsimoniously as a contrast color, and you have something original yet minimalist.

Your thoughts?

Does this palette need some other color or can you see it used as is? Let us know!

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Anabelle Bernard Fournier

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