Color Palette of the Week: Fiery Mum

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Mums come in all shapes and colors, and this week’s color palette takes its inspiration from a particularly beautiful one. Here’s the word on motherly style.


The humble mum, staple of daily flower bouquets, comes in an astonishing array of colors. Maybe it’s to remind us of those colors that the chrysanthemum is November’s birth flower.

Mums may be humble, but they are always a beautiful reminder of the beauty of nature. I now have a fresh bouquet of flowers on my kitchen table all the time, and I love that they are included in pretty much every bouquet I buy.

Chrysanthemums, just like roses, can be bred to display a really wide range of colors and shapes, and there are some really interesting ones out there, including this particular one, which is the basis for this week’s color palette.

color palette fiery mum


When I saw this photo, all I could think of was “fiery”. Beautiful little flame-like petals with a warm, glowing yellow centre definitely remind me of a burning campfire. And the pink? What a gorgeous pink!

Using “Fiery Mum”

This color palette is perfect for more feminine decors–I imagine it very attractive for the glamorous teenager, for example. The hot pink and soft pink-beige contrast well together, leaving you space to play with warm pinks and soft oranges.

In the bedroom, you can’t avoid using the hot pink as your bedding color. The soft, romantic shade at the very top provides a nice, neutral base to build this beautiful bedroom on. This is definitely a girly girl’s bedroom, focused on fashion and fun.

A young woman’s living room in her first apartment would be very cool in these colors as well. They’re full of fun and youth! Think eclectic decor with mismatched side tables purchased from yard sales and painted pink, a retro couch in a beautiful flower pattern, and some soft, wispy drapes in pink to filter the sunlight.

This could even work in a glamorous girl’s bathroom, turning it into the perfect space for preparing for your girl’s night out. Choose a patterned shower curtain and add accessories in pink and soft orange for a sunny, fun look.

Fun fun fun!

The one word that describes this palette is definitely “fun”. It’s a girly fun, the kind all about sleepovers, doing each other’s toenails and studying for a college final together.

What about you? What’s your impression of this definitely colorful palette? Let us know in the comments!

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