Color Palette of the Week: First Snow

Light and shadow playing in the snow offers plenty of shades for an elegant, minimal color palette. Find out how you can bank on this snowy color combination.


Snow. It’s white, right? So why would I make a color palette made out of white?

Well, first, because white is never really white. In home decor, white can have plenty of different undertones, from glacial blue to sunlit yellow. But more than that, snow is actually full of fascinating undertones and shades when light and shadow play in it.

I also thought it was time to make a white and grey color palette, for those who love neutral and ultra-minimalist decor.

color palette first snow

Ah, the beautiful play of light and shade on freshly fallen snow. It’s a lot more colorful than you think, once you look at it closely. The range of greys and whites in this photo is quite astonishing, and that’s what let me build this… glacial, minimal color palette.

Using “First Snow”

Obviously, this kind of neutral palette isn’t for everyone. It’s a very cold palette given the blue undertones of the greys, so make sure you have plenty of natural sunlight in the room to compensate. But grey is also a very noble, sophisticated shade when it comes to home decor: it reminds you of precious metals like silver and platinum.

This palette makes an elegant gender-neutral bedroom. The slightly grey white is the perfect base color on which to build with the darker shades. Think of playing with textures too: have some shiny, reflective fabrics and some matte, comfy-looking hand knits. Satin does very well in grey.

A living room in these shades will seem more formal, even harsh depending on your furniture. However, you can maximize comfort by adding plenty of soft, round shapes and comfortable textures. Opt for a rounded rather than square shaped sofa and tables Choose comfortable fabrics instead of strict leather. Soften the whole by adding a few items with a “used” patina on them.

It’s not easy being grey

Grey has a bad rap, but it really is a beautiful decor color when used properly. This particular palette being on the cold side, you can also warm it up by using a few, selected items in warm colors, like a few cushions or a throw. It’ll change the whole impression of the room!

What about you? Is this too cold for you, or do you like the possibilities this palette opens up? Let us know in the comments!

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