Color Palette of the Week: Fisherman’s Wharf

So, this week I let myself be inspired by my current location: Victoria, British Columbia. For the few months we get sun (mostly between June and September), we certainly are spoiled with a gorgeous location, amazing natural beauty and lots of interesting things to do.

This week’s photo features one of the most iconic spots in town (aside from the Empress Hotel and the Legislature): Fisherman’s Wharf.

The photo

Fisherman's Wharf

(image: Stewart Butterfield)

Fisherman’s wharf is home to Victoria’s colorful boat-homes. Some of them also operate businesses in the summer. I love how cool and neutral colors dominate this photo, and how calm and lovely this place seems. Not sure if I’d like living on a boat-house, but it sure looks nice.

The palette

With this photo, we get a cool palette inspired by the color of the ocean. Although blue can be a little bit depressing, I sure love just how nicely these all fit together. You have grey and black for contrast, two sets of blue for color, and a little white to tie it all together.

The first place I would see this palette is in the bathroom. Somewhere with water is perfect to use ocean-inspired shades. A traditional living room could also use these colors, although I would make sure to use a warmer white to avoid blue’s chilling effect. Maybe some orange or yellow would also help warm up the whole.

Think it’s cool?

Do you like this palette? Where would you use it? Share your ideas with us!

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