Color Palette of the Week: Follow the Sparrow

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This week’s color palette is all about neutrals inspired by the plumage of a house sparrow …


It might be a little early to speak of spring, but after a few weeks of rain, rain and rain, I’m kind of looking forward to the drier, sunnier days of spring in the Pacific Northwest.

In fact, there are already reports of crocuses and snowdrops showing their heads… in January. It has been unseasonably warm, but still, flowers in January… For this Montréaler, it’s beyond anything I can actually imagine winter to be.

But when we think of spring, we don’t just think of flowers. We also think of birds–the sparrow in particular. Sparrows appearing on nearby trees is a sure sign that winter has turned a corner.


sparrow color palette

So I found this pretty picture of a sparrow and made a color palette out of it.

The Follow the Sparrow palette is neutral and earthy, with browns, taupes and greys. These are the colors of the forest just before spring, when snow melts and the branches are newly alive with sap. These are the colors of maple syrup and the first spring birds.

How can you use Follow the Sparrow?

This neutral palette is extremely versatile. The grey makes a perfect background color on walls, while the others can easily be added through furniture and fabrics.

Contemporary Living Room by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

A neutral bedroom like this one is perfect for a family home. Note the mix of lighter and darker shades with grey on the accessories. I also love the touch of blue in the middle of the space.

Neutral palettes can also be chic and contemporary, yet welcoming and comfortable.

Contemporary Living Room by Washington Interior Designers & Decorators Vastu

This living room is bright and open. The neutral shades, very close to that of this week’s color palette, make the decor surprisingly accessible, too.

Will you follow the sparrow?

I love this palette because it can be used anywhere. Kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom: there’s no place it doesn’t work. Just like the sparrow, it is ubiquitous yet comforting. We know it’ll always be there.

What do you think of this palette? How would you use it? Let us know in the comments!

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