Color Palette of the Week: Golden Light

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Morning light through a fall leaf gives us an incredible warm color palette perfect for creative spaces. How can you turn this into home decor gold?


If you’re a fan of color like me, the fall season is probably your favorite. Especially in early October, the light takes on this golden quality that you can catch through the leaves turning into fiery shades of yellow, gold and red creating a warm color palette.

Being a particular fan of these warm shades, I love walking around in the fall and just admiring the beauty that Natures allows us to see with every change of the seasons.

This week’s warm color palette is an homage to the golden light of early fall, an inspiration from the golden leaves still on the trees, filtering the last sunlight of the year.

golden light color palette

Being the warm color palette that it is, you can be sure that I am absolutely in love with it. It’s bold and colorful, happy and light. But the shades all match each other quite well and exist on a scale that’s easy to fill out with your imagination. I love how it recalls the memories of apple picking, the “crunch crunch” of dead leaves under your boots, and the rare but beautiful sunny October morning.

Using “Golden Light”

Golden Light is suitable for bold tastes and active rooms. Because of the bright quality of orange and yellow, you’ll want to temper it with neutral greys and whites throughout.

I can easily see an entrance hall in these colors. Active, warm and welcoming, this color palette will inspire your family and your guests to take an active part in the life of the home. It’ll also motivate you to go outside and stay there if you’re going the other way by reminding you of pleasant outdoor activities.

A creative home office would greatly benefit from the psychological effects of these shades. They are all colors that inspire to action; yellow brings happiness, orange activates creativity, and red inspires you to take action.

This would also make an interesting palette for a farmhouse or eclectic kitchen. Combine it with white furniture and you have a bright, happy kitchen where you can prepare all your favourite meals.

Let the light in

Beautiful gold and yellow accented by a deep red is a palette that is activating and inspiring. How does this one inspire you? I sure would love to have some of these colors in my office area for creativity!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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