Color Palette of the Week: Green Parrot

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As the name of this palette says, this week’s colors are based on a beautiful green parrot (a Lilacine Amazon, to be precise) with some interesting red and yellow feathers on the head. With colors more subdued than other parrot species, I was instantly drawn to this beautiful bird for its interesting shades of green.

In fact, as you can see, the palette it provides is quite interesting:

Green Parrot


The shades are definitely tropical, but without the loud brightness associated with tropical decors. I love how the red and purplish-black are muted, and thus more practical colors to use in a home decor.

How can I use “green parrot”?

I feel like this palette is quite flexible. From a country-style kitchen to a tropical living room, from a children’s playroom to a definitely adult bedroom, I think you could use these shades, in different accents and balances, almost everywhere in the home.

Although it lies heavily in the green, you can definitely focus on the red and yellow and just add different greens as accents. If you prefer green with red accents, paint your heart out! There’s lots of ways you can combine and play with these colors to provide the exact right fit for your desired effect.

Where and how would you use these colors? I’m curious!

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Anabelle Bernard Fournier

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