Color Palette of the Week: Happy Graffiti

Graffiti is sometimes an art form, sometimes a nuisance. But it’s hard to deny the beauty of a big, complex and artistic piece of graffiti art.

Happily, this building shows that when used in a positive way, graffiti can beautify even the dankest of urban spaces.

The photo

Happy Graffitti

Photo by José Manuel Rios Valiente

Ah, how happy is this building? Flowers and plants have sprouted above windows, fascinating creatures have graced its side, and even a cat is hanging on it. Happy bubbles float all over.

I love how it expresses the creativity of its residents, and how it shows that graffiti can make a building more beautiful. I’m sure that those who live in the neighbourhood are grateful to look at beautiful art rather than a bare white wall.

The palette

The palette from this photo remains cool, almost ocean-like.

Of course, you can get more inspiration from the photo by using red and yellow along with these colors.

This would work perfectly in a bathroom or even a cool, modern kitchen. It’s a bit too blue for a living room (blue can be a little bit depressing after a while) but it would work if you added some warm colors, like red or yellow. Yet, I love how these colors remind me of the ocean; maybe a beach house decor could use this palette as well.

Your thoughts?

Is this palette too cold or are you a fan of blue and turquoise? Where do you think this palette would work best in your home? Share your thoughts!

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