Color Palette of The Week: Indian Garden

Recently, I read up on the different kinds of traditional gardens you can find around the world. It’s fascinating how much the style of garden can tell about a culture. The French love their gardens symmetrical and neatly planned; the English also plan their gardens but prefer to keep the impression of wildness. Several Middle Eastern and Asian cultures also have typical, traditional gardens.

Although I have no idea if this Indian garden is traditional or just a random one, it’s still somewhere I would love to walk.

The photo

Indian Garden

Photo by Swaminathan on Flickr

This garden feels full of life. I was instantly attracted to the purple flowers in the foreground and the pink building in the background. The lush plants and the murky water add mystery to the setting. I would find this place perfect for reflection, or just sitting and relaxing.

The palette

Indian Garden palette

This palette is soft and understated. The jungle greens provide just the right touch of contrast to the soft pinks. Albeit feminine, this color palette could also suit a living room with an exotic decor. It could also do well in a kitchen–pink granite or marble counters would work wonderfully well with these greens as base colors.

With this color palette, you can enter your own personal garden every time you walk into the room.

Your thoughts?

Where would you use these colors? What feeling do they inspire in you?

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