Color Palette of the Week: Kimono Flowers

A piece of kimono fabric brings images of a summer meadow for this week’s color palette. Does this color scheme represent the rising sun for you?


I have somewhat of a fascination with Japan. Aside from taking Japanese classes in my first year of undergrad, I practice Zen buddhism, watch plenty of anime, dream of traveling to Japan one day, and actually own a kimono (which I can’t wear properly because Japanese girls generally have no boobs, which means that I can’t pull the side seam far enough–but that’s another story.)

When I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, I took the most photos in the Japanese art section, where kimonos are displayed as works of art, as they should be. Traditional kimonos are one-of-a-kind and weaved to fit the season. Their history and craft is fascinating, with different kinds for different occasions, social status and even profession.

This week’s color palette is based on a kimono fabric photographed at a museum exhibit in Italy in 2010.

kimono flowers color palette

I love the subtle shine of the fabric, and I think it would translate well in a pearl finish if you were to choose a paint color out of it. This palette features two neutrals, two warm oranges and two cooler red-purples. It has a natural feel to it, something that you would see in a field of wild flowers in the heat of summer.

I feel inspired to a traditional decor with this palette, something sweet and understated with a few touches of bright color.

Using “Kimono Flowers”

I think this palette would do best in a living room, a bedroom or an office.

It’s easy for me to see a traditional living room inspired by meadow and woodland flowers. A neutral couch, a subtle flower wallpaper and some darker, luxurious drapes on the windows seem perfect for this a palette. Add pops of orange and deep burgundy with cushions, throws and vases.

This is the perfect palette for a warm and romantic bedroom. The red and burgundy are definitely colors of romance and love. Combine them in clever ways with the neutral shades through fabric patterns and accessories, and you can transform a bland living room into a cozy romantic space.

For me, though, this palette is most attractive for a home office. Orange stimulates creativity, and red inspires passion and action. It’s easy to find wood furniture in the neutral shades–all you need are accessories, wall hangings and other smaller decor elements in the other shades to make a real difference in the style of your office.

Live in a flowery meadow

I love how these colors inspire a close connection to nature, at least for me. How do they make you feel? Let me know in the comments!


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