Color Palette of the Week: Kyoto Rooftop

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Decorations from a Kyoto temple rooftop inspire this week’s neutral color palette. What are some ways this selection of colors could be used in your space?


Why are so many people in the West fascinated with Japan? Maybe it’s the wealth of culture, history and customs that are so different from ours. Maybe it’s the beautiful land, between the highest mountains and the deepest ocean. Maybe it’s the fascinating mythology, the silk kimonos geishas wear, or the gorgeous temple architecture.

This last one is a really big draw for me, particularly. And if you like Japanese temples, you’re better off in Kyoto, the ancient capital and home to the famous Golden Temple. This week’s unusual color palette is based on a gorgeous photo of a Kyoto temple rooftop, illuminated by a setting sun.


kyoto roof color palette of the week

I was instantly attracted to the beautiful golden woodwork on the edges of the roof and the top of the beam.  There’s something both classical and magical about this view, and I thought the colors would make an interesting neutral palette with a touch of gold.

Using “Kyoto Rooftop”

The result pleasantly surprised me. This would make a gorgeous modern living room with a masculine touch. The neutrals use an array of greys, browns and taupes to build a strong and varied base layer. The gold adds a touch of luxury and color to attract the eye.

This would also make for a classic, elegant dining room. Dark red or golden wood along with red and golden decoration accessories would go fantastic together. I see velvet-covered dining chairs and a golden damask tablecloth.

This color palette has a definite air of elegance to it, and reflects the simple beauty of Japanese temple architecture. Where else would you use it? Let me know in the comments!

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