Color Palette of the Week: Latte

You can bring the effect of a rich latte to your home with this coffee-inspired palette.


I don’t personally like coffee, but I have many, many friends who could go even get up without the smell of coffee in the house. My drink of choice is chai tea, but that’s just because I’m sensitive enough to caffeine that even green tea past 3PM keeps me up all night.

In honor of my friends who are addicted to coffee, I decided to make a coffee-inspired color palette. Let’s have a look.

color palette of the week latte


This is a nice, soothing palette with the strength of coffee and the smoothness of milk. It’s mostly neutral, with a touch of warmth from the yellow. This is the perfect palette for someone who wants an easily manageable, neutral decor.

How to use “Latte”

Latte makes a great neutral palette for entrances, living rooms, offices and bedrooms.

Entering a home featuring this palette will give a nice feeling of warmth and welcome. The subtle beige at the top along with the browns at the bottom provide plenty of contrast. Keep the walls and ceiling light to open up the space, and contrast with a dark chocolate bench and hooks on the wall.

A living room in these shades will be comfortable and warm. The brown shades are perfect for those who like dark leather; what’s sexier than a dark chocolate leather couch? Combine with soft-textured, neutral cushions and throws in the top three shades, and you have a sensual, welcoming space to drink coffee with your friends.

Colors that suggest textures, too

A bedroom in Latte is definitely masculine. Again, you can add plenty of strong leather tones softened by the lighter shades. A leather headboard against a wall painted in the lightest shade would make great visual contrast. These colors definitely allow for a visually interesting, patterned bed cover. Try something inspired from nature, like a forest scene.

I can also see an office or study in these colors. Again, these are definitely strongly masculine, and leather would also do well as the focus texture. Think dark leather armchairs and footrests, a leather pad on top of a dark wood desk, and dark wood bookshelves. With clever lighting, you can avoid the “cavern” effect (unless that’s what you’re going for).

Rich, dark and strong

This palette definitely features the best things about coffee: richness and strength and smoothness. It’s perfect for more traditional, masculine decors where you want plenty of warmth and comfort. If you’re a leather lover, this palette is just the right thing.

What do you think? How inspired are you by this palette? Let me know in the comments!


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