Color Palette of the Week: Leather Mask

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For a neutral palette inspired from shades of leather, try this one called Leather Mask.


Masks are interesting cultural objects. Humans have been using masks for ceremonies for millennia; they are often religious objects or objects related to certain rituals and events in a person’s life.

Masks are everywhere, from Ancient Greece to Africa, from Venice to Japan. They come in many shapes, colors and materials. They are beautiful or ugly, but always meaningful.


leather mask color palette

I love the organic neutrals of this gorgeous leather mask. It would suit this year’s Color of the Year, Marsala, really well too.

This palette is a set of earthy neutrals with a touch of red for variety. It’s also a yummy palette, with caramel and chocolate shades, if you think in sweets all the time, like me.

How can I use Leather Mask?

To be honest, pretty much any way you want. This palette is universal and forgiving. And it’s not even as bland as it seems, even though you might want to add a bright shade in there, maybe a turquoise or a warm pink.

This will make for a masculine living room or a cozy office space. Using lots of leather will naturally bring out the shades of this palette. There are also plenty of wood species that would match these colors.

A bedroom in this palette will feel luxurious and comfortable. People are comforted by colors that come from nature, and these shades definitely fit the bill.

Put the mask on

Where would you use these colors in your home? Do you see this mask as an inspiration for your decor? Share your ideas in the comments!

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