Color Palette of the Week: Lotus Flower

The lotus has special powers in the many cultures where it lives: the lotus-eaters in Greek mythology, the powers Lakshmi the India goddess who stands on a lotus, and many other myths and legends throughout Asia.

No wonder this beautiful flower has inspired so many stories: in all its varieties, it is always gorgeously colored and inspires no end of poems and paintings. So maybe you can make your own artful decor using this lotus-inspired color palette.

Lotus flower


I love the bright pink of the top petals and how the different shades of yellow and green somehow just… fit together. This is definitely a palette that pops!

How can I use “lotus flower”?

Well, first, you need to be a person who isn’t afraid of bright colors. The pink alone is going to take much of the visual attention, even if you only use it on a few accessories. Use the red and pink as small accents with the greens and yellow, and you’ll have a room that’s balanced yet visually interesting.

I would definitely see this palette used in a young woman’s living room or bedroom, but you could also make a bright, original kitchen with these colors. The trick is using the greens as main colors and adding little touches of red and pink throughout, for example on patterns in fabrics.

Here’s another idea: a green dining room with pink plates and red handkerchiefs. That would definitely bring some pop to your meals!

Do you like this palette or is it too daring for you? Where would you use it and how?

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