Color Palette of the Week: Louvre Sunset

A beautiful photo opportunity at Paris’ famous museum brings an oceanic-inspired color palette. Does it inspire a Mona Lisa smile? If so, how would you use it?


Gosh, I do hope I get to see Paris one day. I know, I know, it’s cliché and typical, but there must be a reason why it’s the #1 tourist destination in the world. It’s full of history and culture and monuments and picture opportunities.

And this photographer sure knows a good photo op when she sees one. This gorgeous photo taken at sunset is full of color and contrast–perfect for a beautiful color palette.

louvre sunset


I mean, wow. The reds and greens, the yellows and blues… this is the kind of photo I love. And of course, with any photo I love, I must make a color palette!

The Louvre Sunset color palette is a balanced palette with both warm and cool shades. It reminds me of a sunset on the ocean, the kind that reflects the sun’s warm colors and deepens the ocean’s blues and turquoises. This palette also includes a more neutral shade to bring everything together.

Using “Louvre Sunset”

I feel like this palette would work well in a number of rooms, but most interestingly I could absolutely see it in a bathroom. The blue shades remind me of water and the ocean, all proper for a bathroom, and the oranges bring warmth and comfort to avoid the “cold” impression of too much blue. I would look for a tile that uses turquoise and the two oranges, and coordinate with neutral and blue accessories.

There’s also a nice balanced, modern living room in these shades. I feel like this palette would work better with a more minimalist, modern style of decor since the colors are bright and well-defined. Use the neutral as a base and coordinate with art, cushions, drapes and throws across the room.

There’s plenty of other ways to use this palette, but these are my two favourite. I like the delicate balance and the contrast of the shades–just like in the photo, day and night collide in an explosion of beautiful colors all across the spectrum.

Your sunset room

How about you? Where and how would you use this color palette in your home? I must admit I am smitten, and if I was allowed to paint or do anything in my bathroom, I would totally use this.

Let me know your ideas in the comments!

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