Color Palette of the Week: Monastery Mystery

An old monastery on a winter’s night, lighted only by the street’s lamps. What a fascinating setting. And this setting can also provide a nice cool/warm, understated color palette.

The photo

Monstary Bucharest

This beautiful photo by Flickr user fusion-of-horizons is set in Bucharest, Romania. This old monastery is called Stravopoleos.

I love how the warm sky and the cool cobblestone street meet at the level of the monastery. The building itself is a fascinating work, painted in bright colors. Many interesting stories must have begun at this unassuming monastery!

The palette

The palette we get from this photo joins warm oranges and cool blues.

The palette is on the dark side, and the white is tinted with blue. The very dark blue is almost black, but not quite. It would make for a great palette in a living room or even a kitchen. By lighting up the shades a bit, it would also work in a bathroom. The trick to make this palette work is to use it in a room with lots of natural light to avoid the dark tints from becoming too oppressive.

Your ideas?

How would you make this palette work? Share your ideas with us!

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