Color Palette of the Week: Old Brick

An old neighbourhood with stately Victorian homes. English ivy growing on the walls, clinging to the cracks that time put there. Everything seems quiet, calm, and yet with a sense that so much used to happen here, despite the area now being home to retirees and university professors.

This week’s color palette reminds me of all of this.

old brick color palette of the week

This monochromatic palette is inspired by old brick, of course, but also well-worn leather. It is a masculine palette with a warm nuance.

Where can I use these colors in my home?

This is the perfect palette for an old-school study, or even a library. High-backed winged armchairs, leather footrests and mahogany desks come to mind. It is a luxurious space, a space where one goes to read or reflect.

Add some white, and you can also use these colors in an exotic living room inspired by the sights of Africa. Ikat patterns, tribal masks and traditional crafts would work really well in these shades.

The colors may also be suitable for a masculine bedroom, especially with a leather headboard and dark wood furniture. I would be careful to also add a lot of lighter shades and excellent lighting to offset the darkness of the palette, but otherwise it would make for a very comfortable bedroom space.

Is this too dark for your taste or are you all over the leather tones of this palette? Let us know!

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