Color Palette of the Week: Orange Crush

You might find this week’s palette a bit unusual in its shades–and although I agree, I must ask that you give it a chance. I called it “Orange Crush” because the bright shade of this bird’s chest reminded me of the famous soft drink. But this palette is a study in an interesting combination: orange and purple.

Well, why don’t you just have a look.

Orange crush

Now that I look at it, I should have called it “Root Beer, Orange Crush and Grape Pop”. I’m not sure where the yellow fits in–maybe champagne?

How can I use “orange crush”?

Now, this unusual palette is actually every effective in balancing orange’s overly joyful effect with purple’s more calming hues. The brown and deep indigo provide dark shades for contrast, and the light yellow brings much-needed light.

An exotic living room would do remarkably well in this palette. The earthy brown and red tones are offset by the more jewel-like brights of orange and purple. You could probably find something Indian-inspired–probably a beautiful paisley–in these colors.

I could also see a home office in these colors–orange is perfect for creativity, while purple comes to help when more serious work is required. In any case, I’m sure there are a variety of ways you could use these colors in different accents and balances, some rooms favouring the warm reds and some others preferring purples.

What do you think? Is this palette out of whack or does it inspire you?


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