Color Palette of the Week: Pink Victoria

I love Victorian-style homes. They’re so stately and elegant. They give cachet to a neighbourhood and have interesting architectural features.

But the best of them are those whose owners didn’t feel compelled to use super-traditional colors. A little brightness and originality goes a long way to make these old homes a little more modern and lively. This is the case of the home that I used for this week’s color palette:

Pink Victoria

This East Coast Victorian home has some funky colors to give some style that’s quite nice for a seaside town. I love the cheery but subdued shades of pink. The blue and grey add some balance that prevent the whole from being too “princess-y”.

How can I use this “pink victoria”?

This palette of burgundy, old pink and grey is pretty versatile. It would be great for a dining room, a living room or even a bedroom. It’s maybe a little dark for an office space (I like mine bright and airy), but perfectly suitable for a room that gets a lot of light and where people relax.

A beautiful grey and burgundy mosaic tile could form the basic element of a modern kitchen or a cute bathroom. Play around with fabrics and accessories to add to the palette. In the kitchen, use stainless appliances for the best look with this palette.

A bedroom in this palette would be on the feminine side, but use a bit more blue and it easily turns into a more gender-neutral space. I personally find burgundy to be a nice masculine color when used in the proper palette.

Does this palette make you go “oh my!” or “meh”? Would you keep the subdued shades or make them brighter?

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