Color Palette of the Week: Place Royale

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A commercial piazza in Québec City inspires this warm and neutral color palette of the week. How might you use it to inspire a design of your own?


Québec City is one of the oldest settlements in North America. Founded in 1608, it was the first major settlement in Canada and the site of a series of important political and cultural events. Today, it’s the capital of the Province of Québec and a major tourist destination.

The old part of Québec has kept its European style, with cobblestone streets, Normandy-style architecture and old field stone buildings–some among the oldest in North America that are still standing.

This photo of the Place Royale, a commercial plaza that used to be home of the wealthiest merchants in Québec and now houses artisan shops, bistros and souvenir stores, captures the European flair of Québec.


Quebec color palette of the week

If you didn’t know this was in North America, you’d believe yourself somewhere in France!

What’s notable in this photo are the colorful roofs and the traditional architecture. Notice the dormer windows and the chimneys, all part of an older style of architecture.

The color palette coming out of this photo is a muted series of warms and neutrals that reflect the lively nature of this beautiful spot. It’s attractive but not too loud, practical but not boring. It’s the perfect palette for those who like warm colors but who would rather avoid too many brights.

Using “Place Royale”

I can easily see this beautiful palette used in a traditional kitchen. The greys could be featured in a marble or granite countertop, with red or brown cupboards. (Personally, I would dare the orange for the cupboards.) Use the orange and red in a colorful mosaic backsplash, and you have an inviting and warm kitchen to cook your favourite meals.

How about a bedroom? I think that the more muted warm colors would suit a masculine bedroom perfectly. The colors are not too strong yet are bright enough to bring plenty of life and pop into your mornings.

What do you think? Would you use this anywhere else? Share your ideas with me in the comments!

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