Color Palette of the Week: Poppy Love

This week’s palette is a beautiful range of oranges and reds inspired by November’s iconic flower, the poppy. See how this color palette can bloom in your space.


In honor of Remembrance Day here in Canada and Veteran’s Day in the US, both coming up tomorrow, I thought I would build a color palette based on this beautiful and meaningful flower.

Poppies have brightly colored but delicate petals that let through quite a bit of light, which makes them an interesting photo subject. You get a beautiful array of monochromatic shades from the edge to the centre.

Let’s see how it does with a color palette!

poppy love color palette

I added a green taken from the tender grass around it for some balance and contrast. This is a beautiful warm color palette that expresses the delicate nature of the flower through its monochromatic progression towards a deep, full red.

Using “Poppy Love”

Because it uses red as its main color, Poppy Love is best applied in rooms where we are more active: living room, home office, kitchen.

This is a perfect palette for the home office: red and orange enhance creativity and energy, and the green grounds you and reminds you of your connection with nature… and money. The delicate pale orange works well as an all-over paint color with decor elements in darker shades for contrast.

In the kitchen, this is a delicious palette that screams of a summer garden. Tomatoes, carrots, peppers, cucumbers and all sorts of other fresh goodies come in these colors. You will be inspired to cook amazing masterpieces with fresh ingredients. Use the lightest shade as an all-over wash, and add countertops in the shade of green for an original and fresh take on kitchen decor.

In the living room, this is the perfect palette for more feminine decor and decor that inspires creative activity. If you’re a painter, a knitter or even a board gamer, this palette will inspire you to take up your favourite hobby and invite friends over for tea. Warm and inviting, this living room will make everyone feel at home.

In love too?

This color palette is a bright remedy to the dark rainy days of winter. Use it where you want to feel inspired and active.

What do you think about this palette? Let us know in the comments!

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