Color Palette of the Week: Pumpkin Time

A harvest of pumpkins inspires this active, creative orange-based color palette for the office or kitchen. Here’s how to seed your home decor with fall flair.


October is knocking at our door, and with it its host of pumpkin everything. I’m not personally a big fan of pumpkin spice stuff, but I sure like the look of an original pumpkin carving on Halloween.

This week’s color palette is a happy interpretation of this very autumnal harvest, that of the pumpkin in all its orange glory.

pumpkin time color palette


The range of these pumpkins is amazing, and it let me get a nice warm color palette with a little bit of green to balance it out. Orange is an active, happy color that should be used in moderation, as it is also the most visible color to the human eye.

Using “Pumpkin Time”

This set of colors is great for a home office or a kitchen, places where we active and expect to be busy. The dark yellow is actually quite good for an accent wall in an otherwise neutral room, but I wouldn’t say no to the pale green either. Use the two darker shades of orange and the dark green shade for accent.

In the kitchen, you can play with these shades by using them in your backsplash tile or even painting your cabinets in one of the colors. Too much orange? Keep the green as your basic color and add orange in dashes on your hand towels, accessories and dinnerware.

This is the perfect palette for a creative home office. Writers and designers will be stimulated by the creative benefits of orange, while green promotes a “keeping it down to earth” attitude. If I could paint my home office, this is probably the palette I’d go with.

Orange alert!

How about you? How do you like this bold orange palette? Where would you use it? Let us know in the comments!

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