Color Palette of the Week: Royalty

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Few colors are linked to royalty as much as purple and gold. Purple, as a dye, used to be extremely expensive to procure and produce, and so only the richest of monarchs could afford it. In fact, some countries had laws against anyone but royalty wearing purple. As for gold, gold was (and still is) another sign of wealth that would distinguish the rich from the common people.

No wonder, then, that this deep purple flower inspires a royal palette:


Petals that vary from a purple so deep it’s almost back to a bright blue, along with golden pistils, are all you need to build this sumptuous color palette.

How can I use “royalty”?

This palette can be tricky to implement, but very rewarding once you find the right balance between the shades. Purple is especially tricky because it can become depressing if there’s too much of it; that’s why you compensate with some golden hues to brighten it up a bit.

Of course, these colors would work for a princess-y girl’s bedroom, but if you focus on the gold and blue, you could also have a boy’s or a guest bedroom. It would also work well in a feminine living room with gold and lavender as main colors and the rest as accents/complements.

Basically, use these colors in any room where you relax and wind down. Purple stimulates reflection and thought, so I wouldn’t use it in places where activity (physical or mental) is required.

What do you think? Is this too dark and depressing or are these colors just your thing?

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