Color Palette of the Week: Serene Sky

color palette serene sky

Be inspired by this pink-and-purple palette to add some elegance and serenity to your decor.

For the new year, it’s all about being serene again. Pantone’s 2016 Colors of the Year inspire us to take a breath, sit down and calm our minds and bodies.

To begin this year, I’ll have a few palettes based on Rose Quartz and Serenity, the two colors Pantone chose to set the tone for 2016. I hope to inspire you to look at your decor and see how you can help promote more calm and serenity in your home.

Serene Sky: Inspiration

This photo instantly attracted me, with its gorgeous warm pinks and purples. The lightest pink is close to Rose Quartz, and so I thought I could use this palette as a way to build an inspiring elegant palette that’s still accessible.

Purple gives any room a feeling of royalty and elegance, and is also linked with higher spiritual states. The warm pinks counteract the cooler purples for a good balance between warm and cool, pale and dark.

How to use Serene Sky

Serene Sky is appropriate for spaces where calm is called for. A bedroom, a study, even a living room would do very well in this palette.

Serene Sky makes for an elegant, gender-neutral bedroom. Keep the walls light to avoid the “closing in” effect of too much purple; but otherwise, feel free to play with these colors as you see fit.

Contemporary Bedroom by Chicago Interior Designers & Decorators Buckingham Interiors + Design LLC

A touch of pink here and there helps with breaking up the possible depressing effect of too much purple. Make sure there’s plenty of natural light as well.

A study in these colors will make an excellent place to think, reflect, write and/or so some art. Purple encourages deep reflection, while pink has an activating effect.

Contemporary Home Office by South West Design-Build Firms Moon Design + Build

I’d keep the shades subtle, as accent colors rather than full-on wall paint shades. This way, you avoid the “too much” effect, and you can change them whenever you like by changing chair cushions or repainting your desk.

Living rooms become wonderful spaces of connection and meditation when decorated in these shades. Added to silver greys and neutral beige, this palette is elegant and welcoming.

Eclectic Living Room by London Interior Designers & Decorators Celia James

The benefit of adding accent accessories and pieces is that you can change the style whenever you like on a reduced budget. No need to repaint or re-upholster everything when you have a neutral base to work from.

Serene Sky: Your next palette?

If you’ve been looking for a more serene, calming palette for a room in your home, do consider Serene Sky as an option. Calming, spiritual yet connected, this palette is perfect for a space where you want to sit down and reconnect with the things you really love, be it books, family, friends, or yourself.

What do you think of this palette? Where would you use it and how would you implement it? Let us know in the comments!

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