Color Palette of the Week: Sky and Hills

Some places in this world seem to have been painted by the hand of some artistic divinity whose job it was to give colors to the world… and who had a sudden flash of inspiration.

No wonder this place in Oregon carries the name “Painted Hills“: it is as if the sky touched with earth with a paintbrush and just let its imagination run wild.

sky and hills

The red/orange combination against the grey sky is absolutely stunning, and I couldn’t resist making a color palette based on this gorgeous photo.

How can I use this “sky and hills”?

This neutral/warm palette is pretty flexible and could be used in any room of the home, from the kitchen to the bathroom. The greys fit with everything, while the ochre shades are just bright enough to give a warm welcome to any visitor.

This is actually the kind of palette I would use in my own bedroom: I love the middle brown shade and the darkest grey. The walls would probably be in the tan shade and I would choose a dark wood for the furniture (to fit the darkest shade).

You could also have this as a great palette for a living room that uses leather furniture. Match the leather color to one of the shades, play around with fabrics and accessories in grey with tan walls and ochre accents.

Another idea: an industrial kitchen that uses inox appliances matched with a pretty ochre combination backsplash tile mosaic and matching accessories. Because of its neutral base, this palette is very flexible and usable in any part of the house.

Are you as crazy about this palette as I am, or does it leave you cold? 

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