Color Palette of the Week: Smart As A Fox

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They say (who’s “they” anyway?) that nature has already found all the best color combinations. All we need to do is observe and reproduce, with a touch of human ingenuity, to make it our own.

This week, I let myself be inspired by this most common yet stunning of animals, the red fox.

The photo

fox in the grass

(image: Martin Pettitt)

Isn’t this the most gorgeous photo? I love how the fox seems relaxed and okay with the whole camera thing. A little resting in between two rabbit hunts, I imagine?

I was instantly struck by the contrast between its fur and the shrubbery. The golden eyes are pretty striking too.

The palette

This gorgeous, nature-inspired palette is perfect for a kitchen. (I love green in a kitchen). The orange is just the perfect touch of warmth and color to contrast with the shades of green. You get a light yellow that’s neutral yet not boring, and black for contrast and sophistication.

This is also great for an ethnic, African-inspired living room or bedroom. The earthy colors will go great with African masks and other patterns and items. This would also suit a home office well, since green inspires growth and orange inspires creativity.

How about you?

I’m definitely a fan of this palette. Where would you use it?

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Anabelle Bernard Fournier

Anabelle is a freelance writer, writing teacher and blogger. She spends a lot of time at home, so she likes to make sure that it's cozy and nice, especially in her reading nook. In her free time, Anabelle knits, walks and learns how to write stories.