Color Palette of the Week: Spicy

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Indian spices are at the heart of this week’s color palette. Does this color palette curry favor for you? How would you use it to add flavor to your space?


The beauty of living in a modern city is that you can eat food from all over the world. Here in Victoria we have the expected bounty of Asian foods, including delicious Indian, for which I have discovered a taste recently.

Whether you like spicy curries or savory pakoras, Indian food is filled with flavour and, let’s be honest, pure deliciousness.

And that deliciousness comes from the spices that Indians have used for hundreds of years in their food, and that prompted Europeans to travel West to find a way there that didn’t involve going through Arab territories.

In any case, this week’s palette is an homage to the delicious, colorful and fragrant Indian spices that modern kitchens can’t do without.

Indian Spices color palette

This is obviously a warm palette with a heavy focus on red. I tried to put a neutral there to balance everything, and I find it’s a very successful palette for lovers of exotic decors, whether in the kitchen or in the living room.

Using “Spicy”

If you like this palette, you’ll be happy to know that it’s versatile enough to fit many kinds of styles and decors. The first obvious style is exotic–think Persian carpets, African masks and Indian draperies. The warm oranges and reds remind me of the natural colors of flowers and exotic woods.

A kitchen in these colors would be a wonderful and inspiring place to cook. Orange is linked to creativity and red to action, so there’ll be lots of hot cooking happening there! You can go subtle by using the colors in your wall tile, or all-in with wall, counter and cupboards in a variety of shades.

I also see a wonderful boho-exotic living room with cushions on the floor instead of couches, luxurious draperies on the windows and beautiful Asian rugs strewn about. This is the kind of warm, welcoming space that makes for a great party. Let the colors inspire you!

Spice for your life

I love how colors can inspire a different life. Mine needs a little spice at the moment–maybe I should redecorate my living room in this palette? What do you think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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