Color Palette of the Week: Spiral

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A piece of contemporary architecture inspires this week’s bold, bright, warm palette. How might you use this color palette in your home decor plan?


I always admire those who go bold with their decor. After all, it’s a statement about yourself and how you view the world, not someone else’s idea of how your environment should look like. (Ideally.)

So whenever I see photos with bright and bold shades, I can’t resist asking myself if the colors would work well in a room. The result? Well, every post I’ve made in this series!

Anyhow, this photo definitely inspired a case of the “wow” in my brain. This design is bold, colorful and inspiring. I instantly fell in love with it.


I wonder if I ever mentioned this duvet cover I have. Well, these are the colors it’s made of. Yellow, orange, dark purple and red. I added a bit of pink to soften the whole and to provide a nice base layer for all the brighter colors.

This reminds me of the bold wallpaper I presented in a previous post: bright and unapologetic. If that’s your style, here are a couple ideas for using this bold, spiralling color palette.

How to use “Spiral”

If this palette fits your style, it can go in any room of the house. It might be a little bright for a bedroom, but if you only spend nighttime in there, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

I see cheerful kitchen in these shades: yellow walls with orange accents, dark red cupboards, bright red countertops. Colorful? Sure. But it makes quite a statement, and it’s certainly going to be a fun kitchen to cook in.

Does this suit you?

I am certainly a fan of this palette, if only for the fact that I actually own something very close to it. How about you? If bold and bright is your thing, how do you feel about these particular colors? Let us know in the comments!

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