Color Palette of the Week: Stony Path

As a teenager, I used to be obsessed with semi-precious stones. I was learning about pseudo-spiritual things, wearing an onyx  on a necklace to make myself invisible from bullies or a pair of agate earrings for general protection.

Colored gemstones have been used for millenia as talismans and jewelry. But what happens if you put a bunch of them together, hike up the color saturation and just take a picture? Beauty is what happens.

The photo

Stony ground

Image by Faith Goble on Flickr

In here are precious and semi-precious stones of all colors and sizes. It’s a seemingly random draw of the stones, like a child picked up a handful and just threw them on a table to see what would happen.

Maybe it’s a new prediction tool or a clever way to use the stones’ properties all at once. But whatever it is, it’s gorgeous.

The palette

And the palette is produces is just as beautiful. Based on two neutral shades and pure black, it combines a beautiful rust color with deep ocean-like turquoise. This is the perfect color palette for an exotic living room or bedroom. The first three colors are actually quite widely used in paisley patterns, but an African-inspired decor would also do well in this palette.

I would also see this as a colorful yet modern kitchen, or even a welcoming entrance. If used wisely, it would also give a bedroom a burst of joy.

What do you think?

I am absolutely in love with this palette. I feel it’s versatile, modern and welcoming. How would you use it?

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