Color Palette of the Week: Stormy Skies

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There’s something about a sunset sky before a storm that’s just amazingly beautiful. The mix of golden sunlight on the horizon and darkness of storm clouds makes for gorgeous landscapes — and color palettes.

Why is why I couldn’t resist making a palette out of this beautiful photo of a sunset in England.

stormy skies thumb


This palette shows a gradual shift from golden yellow to purple–something quite royal, actually. It mixes warm and cool shades and has a good balance of bright and subdued colors.

How can I use “Stormy Skies”?

Stormy Skies is best used in spaces where calm and creativity meet. Purple promotes a meditative state of mind, while orange encourages creativity. An artist’s den (like a painting studio or a writing room) is the perfect match, especially if your working method is more meditative than active.

It could also work in the living room, but I’d go lightly on the purple because too much of it can become depressing. It’d stick with the lighter shades of purple with plenty of orange accents.

How about the bedroom? Again, it’s definitely a possibility, but purple should be used wisely here. Keep a good balance between the shades; too much yellow will keep you awake, and too much purple will keep you in bed for way too long. The pink-orange shade in the middle would do great as a base color, with others to complement and accent it.

Your turn

What would you do with this palette? What impression does it give you? Share your thoughts in the comments!




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