Color Palette of the Week: Summer Fresh

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A fresh haul of summer veggies inspires this week’s green monochromatic palette. How can you use it to nourish your home decor color scheme?


One of my favourite things to do in the summer is to head to one of the many farmer’s markets in my town (there’s basically one every night or so if you’re willing to drive a bit to the suburbs) and check out the fresh summer produce to inspire delicious cooking.

Summer is about green and red and orange and yellow and purple, the colors of fresh fruits and veggies picked right from the garden. And there’s nothing more inspiring for a palette than a load of veggies just ready to be steamed or eaten as is.

green bean color spectrum


This haul of fresh green beans is perfect for a green color palette that’s all about freshness and lightness. A little on the yellow side, it avoids being too cold (sometimes a problem with green) and has a crisp, you-could-eat-it edge.

Using Summer Fresh

Summer Fresh is perfect for every green lover out there. Whether you want an inspiring kitchen, a cool 60s-inspired living room or simply just want to get all the mental benefits of green, this palette is for you.

I love love love this palette for a kitchen. Green is fresh, crispy and delicious, the perfect color to inspire your next culinary masterpiece. The lightest green is a great base color for the paint, and you can choose a mosaic backsplash featuring all of these shades. Or you could paint the cupboards emerald green if you feel bold!

This kind of palette also works well for a bathroom, especially if it has lots of natural light. Given the current trend of plants in bathrooms, I feel like making our bathrooms green instead of the typical blue or neutral is a nice change. Imagine taking a shower in a bathroom and feeling like you’re standing in a clearing under a waterfall–green will help with that!

I actually have a friend who recently painted her bedroom in a shade close to the top one to take advantage of the amount of daylight she gets, and to reflect the abundance of leaves and trees outside. The result is amazing: a fresh, relaxing bedroom that connects the inside to the outside.

Fresh enough for everyone

Even if you’re not a big fan of green (I count myself among these people), I feel like this palette has a lot to offer. We all need a little more green in our life–why not have some in our home decor?

Let me know your thoughts about this palette in the comments!

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