Color Palette Of the Week: Sunset Pebbles

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If you want the most beautiful spectacle nature can provide, nothing beats a sunset on the shore. The faraway horizon, the crashing waves, the reddening sun… It is no wonder that humans have stood in awe of sunsets forever, and probably always will.

The photo

The photo this week is by Tom Lussier. It was taken on Pebble Beach, California.

Pebble Beach California coastal scene

I was instantly taken by the fiery orange and yellow, contrasted against the coolness of the water and sky. We can’t see the sun, but we know it’s there. This is quite a stunning photo, and I wish I had been there to see this sunset.

The palette

Sunset Pebbles color palette

Cool blues and a steely neutral grey are balanced by a warm off-white and a fiery orange. I love this color palette for its versatility and because it is gender-neutral.

This palette would do great in a couple’s bedroom: it’s not too masculine or feminine, and the depressing effect of blue is counteracted by the activating effect of orange. It creates a calming yet focused atmosphere, which also makes it great for a home office or even a meditation room.

This could also work in a kitchen with grey granite counters and stainless steel appliances. A blue and orange mosaic splashboard with birch chairs and a birch table complete the look.

Your impressions?

In what room of the house would you use this relaxing palette? Share your ideas with us!

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