Color Palette of the Week: Sweetie

Delicious Japanese candy inspire this week’s very sweet color palette. Here’s how to turn your sweet tooth into a vibrant color combination for your space.


I have to admit it: I’m a bit of a sugar addict. Give me gummies and I will love you forever; I am a big fan of everything cake and pastry, and I believe chai is undrinkable without sugar.

If I wanted to make a color palette based on sweetness, what would it look like? Gumdrop shades of baby blues and yellows and pinks, sweet iced whites and even some fruit colors. I found this gorgeous photo of Japanese sweets, and I thought the colors were perfect.

color palette sweetie

Yum, am I right? These frosted, delicious things are perfect to curb that little sweet tooth of your–in your belly and in your home decor. The colors seem eclectic but actually work quite well together, based on this frosted and neutral white. I love the rainbow range of this particular palette.

Using “Sweetie”

Sweetie is flexible and can fit any room of the house. It has a good balance of warm and cool colors, and a bit of punch in red and green to counteract the more subdued blue-grey and yellow.

In the kitchen, this palette has a definite traditional, farmhouse feel. It expresses the wide variety of colors found in nature, and you can keep your counters and cupboards white! Use the colors in your backsplash and accessories like linens, rugs and chairs.

A feminine yet eclectic living room will easily come alive in these shades. Make unexpected juxtapositions: pink with green, yellow with blue-grey. Use mismatched side and coffee tables painted in different gumdrop colors. Indulge your sweet tooth with a pink and red patterned couch.

Another room that could do well in these shades is the bathroom–especially if it’s large. Use the white and blue-grey as base colors and accessorize with the bright shades. Use yellow countertops and a green backsplash tile, pink and red towels and shower curtains. It will be a fun, feminine bathroom with plenty of energy.

Too much or just enough?

Well, I must admit that pastel, sweet colors aren’t for everyone. But can you imagine the possibilities of this color palette outside of a girl’s bedroom? I certainly can. Let’s not be afraid to get out of our comfort zone.

What do you think? Do you want to eat it up, or would you rather pass? Let us know in the comments!

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