Color Palette of the Week: Tropicalia

It’s not quite summer yet up here in the Pacific Northwest, but spring is definitely here. There are flowers aplenty, we’ve been lucky with lots of sun, and people are happy and smiling.

However, orange isn’t a color we get much around here; we have lots of pinks, purples and whites. So that’s why this specific photo caught my eye.

The photo

Tropicalia butterfly and flower

(image: Joy Kohn)


I love the bright orange in the middle and the contrast with the dark brown butterfly wings. There’s something about this photo that just makes me want to lie on the beach with a mojito in my hand.

The palette

Isn’t there so much joy and happiness in this palette? Bright green and orange, with black for a touch of sophistication. For those of us who don’t live in a tropical climate, I can see these colors used for patio decor in the summer. And if you’re lucking enough to have a beach house somewhere where it’s warm all year long, then I’d go ahead and use these all over the place.

Your thoughts?

Show us your pictures of tropical-inspired decor. Does it use these colors or others? How would you use this palette?

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