Color Palette of the Week: Tundra

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Despite our assumption that “there’s nothing there”, the courageous among us who choose to live (or stay) in the North (and when I say “North”, I mean the Arctic, not Canada as a whole) would tell us that no, the tundra is filled with beautiful things, like moss of every color, gorgeous Northern Lights, and majestic herds of caribou. I hope this photo shows how beautiful this region of North America can be:


And with this photo, a nice neutral/yellow color palette that will whet even the most adventurous appetites when it comes to home décor.

How can I use this “tundra”?

Okay, when I mean “adventurous”, I mean “adventure/exotic” decor, not literally being adventurous with colors. Because there are several styles that could go with these gorgeous earthy shades: think African masks, dark wood, leather, naturally-colored fabrics. Combine airy light yellow drapes with a redish wood floor (second shade from the top) and dark brown leather (top color). Use orange as an accent, and here you have a beautiful neutral living room or office.

Or use these colors in the kitchen for an earthy, welcoming space. Think clay pots and the beautiful colors of a perfectly browned chicken. Use the dark colors for your countertops and the brights for walls and cabinets.

Or what about an entrance that makes a smooth transition between the colors of the outdoors and living indoors? I think this palette would also bring a strong feeling of welcoming to any entranceway.

How do you feel about this palette? Is it too drab or does it inspire you?

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Anabelle Bernard Fournier

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