Color Palette of the Week: Venezia

A colorful scene in Venice inspires this week’s color palette. Could you use this color scheme in your space?


I’m very jealous. A friend of mine is currently traveling through Italy (a big 3 weeks!) and seeing all the art and the architecture and eating all the food and, especially for her, drinking all the coffee. She begins her tour in Venice.

So I thought I would honor her visit to the canal city by building a color palette based on a photo of this beautiful and unusual place. There are many photos of Venice, of course, but here’s one that caught my attention.


Color palette of the week venezia

I couldn’t help but be caught by this rainbow-colored photo. Greens and yellows alongside reds and oranges, with grey for balance. The color palette, as a consequence, is a bit like a rainbow too. But I think it’s a rainbow that can do well in all kinds of home decor situations.

How to use “Venezia”

I think the most obvious use of Venezia is in the kitchen. These colors would be perfect for a French-style, farmhouse kitchen, with all its colorful potteries and fabrics. I think the blue makes a wonderful base color, and the other shades can be used as decorative accents. The orange especially pops against the other more muted colors, so use it sparsely.

An exotic, eclectic living room could also use these colors well. I think it’s a perfect combination and balance of warm and cool which lets you express your creativity in all sorts of ways. Try combining seating of two different colors–maybe green and yellow–with accessories and fabrics of other colors, like an orange rug and blue cushions.

I think these are a bit all over the place for a bedroom, but a bathroom that’s based on the blue and green could definitely gain from a pop of color here and there. I think the orange would work especially well here.

Venice, yea or nay?

Well, all of this makes me want to join my friend in Venice. How about you? What do you think of this color palette?

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