Color Palette of the Week: Zen

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The simplest things, like rocks and sand, can make for beautiful color palettes. Can this color palette bring balance to your home decor?


Sometimes the most mundane, minimalist photos contain some of the most interesting colors. When you look up close, everything is filled with color: sand, water, rocks, a cat’s hair coat, a piece of fabric.

The photo is an exercise in minimalism, and yet I discovered in it a beautiful canvas for a neutral palette (I know, I don’t do enough of those!). Thanks to the wonderful tools of modern technology, I am able to choose specific pixels of the photos and turn them into colors, which let me work with every grain of sand in this picture.

zen color palette

A good neutral palette is infinitely flexible and adaptable to any room, any function. The advantage of neutrals is that you can then layer on colors at the whim or the seasons, or build a timeless decor that won’t be victim to the latest fashions.

In any case, this beautiful palette is the perfect base for any kind of neutral decor, from inviting living rooms to welcoming guest rooms.

Using Zen

You can imagine Zen’s universal appeal for any room of the house. Living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, you name it: you can use this palette for it. Whether you like the subtle, light colors or the darker, more contrasting shades, you’ll be able to fit them in any style of decor.

Many people often neglect the value of a good neutral room trying to follow the latest color fashions, but having a neutral base is actually good for fashionable people: change the cushions and throws in your living room or get a new duvet cover every six months if you like. You can be sure that it’ll fit the rest of the room.

A bathroom in these neutral shades would be especially calming and soothing, and easy to maintain. I’d stick to the top three colors, but you can certainly use the darker ones as small accents throughout.

Living neutral

Neutral doesn’t mean boring–it just means that it’s not cold or warm. It means that you can match basically any color. It means that you can play with style a lot more than if you set your color scheme in paint rather than in accessories.

What’s your impression of this palette? Would you use it in your home? Let us know in the comments!

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