Color & Psychology: What Emotion Does Your Coffee Table Evoke?

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As we’ve discovered when looking at the color of our front door, colors make a psychological impact in our spaces. That’s why color is such an important part of interior designs of all kinds. Further to that, focal points in a space tend to be the anchor of that impact. And a popular focal point for a living room, family room, or den is the coffee table.

Can the humble and functional coffee table hold the key to the psychological impact of your space? Well, that question is really all about context. But, if you do make the coffee table a focal point, here are some of the effects that you can achieve just by choosing the right color, with emotional subtext being something of a hidden factor in the success of your space – but an important one, too!

Take a look!

What_Emotion_Does_Your_CoffeeTable_Evoke copy 1

So, what do you think everyone?

What’s your experience of how color affects mood, atmosphere, and messaging in a space?

Besides the coffee table, what pieces of furniture serve as a focal point in your space?

How much of a difference do you feel the color of that piece of furniture really makes, if any?

Tell me all about it in the comments section of this post!



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