Color Scheme Planning: How Colors And Emotions Intertwine

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Changing the color scheme in your home can have significant effects on your mind and spirit. Here are some ways to make color work well for you in your home.


If 2016 is a year of change for you, start with your home! Decorating your home with certain colors can change your mood significantly, getting you into the right perspective and making your home life feel simpler. Here are some popular colors and how you can work them into how you want your home – and yourself – to feel:

Blue: serene

blue serene bedroom

Blue is the color of the sky and the ocean, which most people find very tranquil, light blue in particular.

Blue is a fantastic color to use in your bedroom, or in any area you like to relax in. Living rooms done in blue tones are very inviting and will make your guests feel at home. Blue is an iffy color for a kitchen however, since it is such a serene color it acts as an appetite suppressant.

Red: passionate

red kitchen modern

Red is a tough color to decorate with since it can stimulate anger, love, and feelings of edginess. It’s best to figure out how you deal with red and tread carefully into using it in your home.

Known to be the color of romance it may be nice to have a few red accents in the bedroom as it can ignite passion – but not too many, as I said above it can be an aggressive color.

Yellow: happy

yellow dining room

Happiness is associated with yellow. The sun is yellow and people think of brightness and inspiration when they think of yellow.

Yellow works well in living rooms and bathrooms. Yellow is not usually recommended for the bedroom since it is rather uplifting, nor for the kitchen since it stimulates your appetite.

Yellow is typically not a popular decorating color for most, so a solution if you’re also not a yellow fan is to use gold, the darker form of yellow. Gold has a feeling of richness and warmth and is a lot more versatile than yellow itself.

Brown: grounded

brown home office

Brown is likely to make you feel stable. Decorating in shades of brown adds an earthy, grounded, tone to any room.

Brown tones can work in most rooms, and light browns (linen tones) are great neutrals which go with almost anything. However it can look a little dull if you don’t add in any other colors.

Green: earthy and prosperous

green living room leather chair

The color of grass and trees, green is another earthy, natural color. Green is also the color of money which people associate with prosperity. Decorating your home in green tones will be very comforting, and peaceful.

Interestingly enough your eye registers green directly on the retina, which relaxes the eye muscle. This would make it a great color for a bedroom or anywhere you like to relax.

Purple: creative

living room sofa purple cushions flowers vase

Purple is amazing for cultivating creativity. Since it is a mix of red (stimulating on the brain) and blue (triggering serenity) it puts your brain in the right place to be inspired.

As you can imagine, purple would be a great color to use in a home office, or an area you like to sit and dream.

Black: sophisticated

modern bedroom black accents

Black typically means power and sophistication. Since it is dark it can also be dreary and a bit depressing so be careful when decorating with black.

Black is very versatile so it IS a popular color to have in the home it’s best to choose black furniture and not paint or heavy curtains, since you likely don’t want to have your home have a cave-like atmosphere. Add some pops of color to whatever you choose to offset the darkness.

White: clean

white living room grey fireplace wood flooring

Cool, crisp, and clean are feelings that come with seeing white. White is a VERY popular color for walls and for good reason since it’s totally neutral and goes with everything. As long as it is kept clean, white can make you feel in charge.

There are so many shades of white you can go bright, or more towards a beige tint – which is a little less overwhelming. As with black, pops of color are important when using white, or your home will look too clean, and not be very inviting.

How do you incorporate color?

I hope you are now inspired to start adding some of these colors to your home so you can start feeling at your best. Painting walls, new furniture, accessories, curtains

Let us know what changes you have made!

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