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Choosing color schemes is a curious thing. It can be something of a balancing act between the effects of one color against those of another. But, how do you get the balance right when mapping out a color scheme in a room where balance between active energy and restfulness is the most important; your bedroom?

Writer and home decor expert Zoe Williams is here to address that very question to help put your designer’s mind to rest.


Choosing a color scheme for your bedroom may seem straightforward, but there are many things to consider before you make your final decision. Decorating can be a stressful experience and you don’t want to get all the way through and decide you can’t live with the end result! Even if you have paid a professional to do the heavy work for you, choosing the wrong colors can be an expensive mistake.

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Earlier this year, we published a post on color theory basics to promote the power of color on our moods. Therefore, choosing a color scheme for your home is an important decision. Here are some tips for making sure you get the balance right between choosing colors that are compatible and colours that you will enjoy for years to come.

Choose colors you like for your color scheme

As you are going to be surrounded by your choice every day, it makes sense to choose colours that you like – not just the current fashion. You probably choose clothes in colors that suit you and those same colors will make you look good in a room or used as furnishings.

If black makes you look washed out, then a black sofa will probably have a similar effect. If your favourite color is very bright, try matching it with lighter shades of the same color or a complementary color to soften the effect a little. Choose colors that suit the mood that you want to create in a room as well. Cool greens and blues are classic bathroom choices as they create a calm and clean environment and reds and purples are good for an inviting hallway or living room.

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Check magazines and the internet for color scheme inspiration

There are plenty of places to get ideas for your color schemes if you are stuck. Magazines and the internet are full of pictures of immaculate rooms and inspired colour schemes – Pinterest is a popular one right now for interior décor pictures.

Take pieces of furniture such as your favourite wicker chairs, or even a set of cushions or curtains and build your colour scheme around it, linking accent colors to complementary shades of the same color. You can carry this on through a room or throughout the entire house by linking shades of the same color or bright accent pieces from room to room.

Consider the practicalities of your color scheme

While you are choosing your colour scheme it is important to take into account the many practical considerations that will affect the look of your room. A beautiful color scheme on paper can look terrible in the wrong light or context. The direction that the room faces affects the light that comes into it, which in turn affects the colors that look best.

A north-facing room needs lighter shades to make the most of the natural light that comes in, whereas a south-facing room can take almost any color. The use of a room should also be taken into account. Pale walls and floors in a room that will be frequented by animals or children will require more cleaning and careful choice of paint in bathrooms and kitchens is essential to avoid peeling.

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A new color scheme can change the whole feel of a room or house, creating a gorgeous welcoming space, but equally the wrong choice can give you a headache. So decide carefully, but most importantly go with a color scheme that you can enjoy for many years to come.


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