Color Trend Alert: Pink

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Ever since I studied fashion marketing (a lifetime ago!), I’ve enjoyed losing myself in the Pantone color trend world. There’s so much inspiration and ideas that come from a simple color palette. Colors are powerful: they influence our mood, tell us things about our environment, and just generally, well, color our lives. So on one of my latest dives into the color abyss that is the Pantone website, I found this neat post about the latest trendy color in Paris: pink.

Taking the kitsch out of pink

Pink is generally considered a kitschy color. It’s pastel and soft and feminine. It’s become kind of a cliché color, especially in relation to women and femininity. But this new trend takes pink to a new level: a major hue that deserves its place in major design and fashion trends.

Paris likes its pink bold and futuristic. This new pink is a pink that assumes itself and isn’t ashamed. Men wear it. Cars feature it. Art uses it. This pink loves to be in the spotlight and will certainly be part of major trends in the next few seasons. Let’s see some bold pink moves in home decor!

Take pink outside

Let’s begin with pink outdoors. Make a bold move and paint your door a warm, bold shade of pink. I love how pink stands out and makes a statement: “I’m not afraid of color! I love pink!” It will certainly make a sensation in your neighbourhood. If this is a bit too much for you, maybe pink window frames will do the trick.

How about adding some pink to your patio furniture? A true summer color, pink will liven up any garden party. We love this pink outdoor furniture. The darker shade works great with greenery! If you’d rather go with a more subtle touch of pink, get the summer’s trendy hot pink outdoor dinnerware. Or try this time-honed accessorization technique: cushions!

Bold pink living

Living in pink can definitely be la vie en rose. As a positive and youthful color, pink can fit into any indoor decor type–even more so today with the new gender-neutral pink shades!

You don’t have to have totally pink room to enjoy this color trend. In fact, just a few items in bold pink will do the trick. This pink chandelier is bold and colorful. Talk about seeing life through rose-colored glasses!

Add pink to a neutral black-and-white decor for a splash of color that will attract attention and make a statement. Just one piece is enough! I love how this bold pink sofa adds a soft and feminine touch against the modern geometrical shapes of the rug.

This pink kitchen ceiling works to highlight the white shine of the cabinets and makes a nice contrast with the dark wood floors. This is a very simple but stunning use of hot pink.

This living room shows how to use pink in a way that isn’t too kitsch of feminine . Yellow and pink are know mood boosters, promoting happiness and joy. The touch of purple on the couch ties everything together.

Accessorize in pink

Sometimes just adding a touch of pink in a neutral-colored room will bring a breath of fresh air to your decor. Try this pillow with just a touch of pink to brighten up the living room.

Neon ceramic figures are showing up on the trendiest designer decors: this dog couple uses typical ’60s colors, neon pink and orange, while the sleek, minimal lines of this cat figurine shows off the hot pink color. Even Beethoven and Debussy have moved to pink!

For something more discreet, think glassware: this beautiful modern glass piece would look great filled with fresh white flowers.

The pink revolution

As you can see, pink can suit any decor: from romantic to modern, from eclectic to traditional. And who doesn’t want to do like the Parisians, who have adopted pink as their chouchou color?

Do you like the new hot shades of pink? How do you use pink to liven up your home decor?


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