Color Wheel Combinations: Analogous Color Schemes (Part 2)

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blue purple red ink swirls in water

Whether you favor cool shades of blue or warm hues of red, there’s an analogous color palette to suit a range of tastes. Here are a few ideas for inspiration.


From calm and collected to radiant and red, it’s clear that analogous color schemes are truly versatile, each creating a unique look and vibe. Whether you opt for soft and subtle or bold and brave, there’s an analogous color scheme to suit virtually any decorator’s preferences.

To achieve a unique look of your own, use these analogous color schemes as inspiration:

1. Carefully colored

modern living room wood flooring off white couch

(image: Jeremy Levine,

In this modern, interestingly arranged living room, all it takes is a few throws, pillows, and unique artwork to add an analogous spin to an otherwise neutral, monochromatic color scheme. If a full-on analogous look is too bold—but you find mostly monochromatic rooms dreary—add a few pops of color in analogous shades of orange, red, and red-orange.

Truly versatile and adaptable, this room is perfect for the fickle decorator. If you wish to adopt a complementary color scheme in the future? Simply choose accents in different colors, like deep-purple and canary-yellow. Or you could wipe the slate clean with an entirely monochromatic scheme.

2. Countryside charm

rustic lived in living room red leather couch wood flooring

(image: Lucy Orlowski)

In this pretty, pastoral living room, shades of yellow-orange, orange, and red-orange harmoniously blend together for a captivatingly analogous look. With different colors, grains, and species of wood used for floors, walls, and furniture, this design echoes the quiet charm of a countryside cottage.

With plenty of kitty-approved spaces for snoozing away the afternoon, this living room is equal parts cozy and contemporary.

3. Old Europe

blue red grey bathroom decor illustration

(image: charlotte holmes)

With analogous shades of deep-blue, blue-green, and green splashed across the walls, this one-of-a-kind bathroom is a mosaic of style. Stained-glass windows in parallel shades of yellow-orange, orange, and-red-orange create a colorful, two-toned look. A beautiful copper tub and a wooden cupboard add a unique medley of contrast, for an interestingly eclectic ambiance.

4. Softly sunny

elegant living room yellow throw rug white fireplace

(image: jinkazamah)

The elements of this design are simultaneously understated and opulent. An ornate chandelier and lavish crown molding is beautifully offset with welcoming hues of canary yellow, a yellow-green pillow, and glowing-orange flames cascading from the hearth to the chimney.

Subtle hints of blue, blue-violet, and violet in the artwork above the mantel form an analogous color scheme on their own, or a complementary color scheme against yellow design details. The gold lamp base and candelabras add an additional element of luxury.

5. Eclectically modern

modern bathroom standalone tub

(image: jinkazamah)

With uniquely patterned floors and walls, a faux fireplace with a red-leather look, and hints of yellow peeking through the adjoining room, this analogously accented bathroom delivers a refreshing deviation from the expected. Hints of red, red-orange, and yellow really pop when paired with shades of tan and gray.

This is the place where you put on some soft music, pour yourself a glass of wine, and quietly luxuriate the afternoon away.

Which would you choose?

Which of these analogous color combinations tickles your fancy? For me, it’s a tie between #4 and #5. Be sure to cast your vote below!

We want to hear about your adventures with choosing colors, working with the color wheel, and planning your space according to your rules. Tell us your stories in the comments section below.

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